Setting up an OSF Data Component


Exercises: 13 min
  • Have an OSF project component ready to house the data


We’ll be using the test subdomain of the OSF because we’re testing things.

We’ll be creating a new project on the Open Science Framework and adding a component which will house the data we upload.

  1. Open in your browser and log in
  2. Click ‘Create new project’ OSF new project screenshot Then fill in the form: OSF new project form screenshot Then click ‘Go to project’ OSF navigate to new project screenshot
  3. Create a new project component. This component will house the data. OSF new component screenshot Fill in the form, making sure you select the location as Germany - Frankfurt. OSF new component form screenshot
  4. Navigate to the new component and give it an open license. CC-BY 4.0 is a good license to use - people are free to reuse the contents provided that they acknowledge that they got it from you. OSF add license screenshot Now we have provided a license, let’s make this component public. Click ‘Make Public’ OSF make public screenshot
  5. Make a note of the component’s id - we’ll need that later. You can find the id in the browser’s address bar; it’s the part that’s highlighted in the screenshot below. OSF component identifier screenshot

You’re now all set up with an OSF project which has a special component ready to hold all the raw data.

DOIs and data citations

You can create a DOI for your data to make it easy to cite. This is as simple as clicking the ‘Create DOI’ button and then confirming your choice. OSF create DOI screenshot

Key Points

  • We use the test subdomain of the OSF because we’re testing things

  • Make a note of the data component’s id - we’ll need that later!